Membership agreement

GRIT NATION Membership Rules
1. general provisions
Article 1 Definitions
(1) "Company" means GRIT NATION, a stock company.
(2) "Facility" refers to all facilities operated by the Company.
(3) "Member" means an individual or corporate member of GRIT NATION (and its employees and members) who has a contract with the Company and uses the facilities.

Article 2 Purpose
The Company shall provide workout and other services designated by the Company at the "GRIT NATION" workout studio operated by the Company for the purpose of creating a community through sports and improving the quality of life of the Members under the philosophy of "enjoying evolution".

2. membership
Article 3 Membership
(i) Use of the Facility shall be on a membership basis, and members who have contracted (joined) in the membership categories specified for each store and contract may use the Facility in accordance with the scope of use for each membership category.
The term of the membership contract shall be the term separately agreed upon between the Company and the member at the time of admission, and shall be automatically renewed until the member completes the membership cancellation procedures separately determined by the Company.

Article 4 Membership Categories
Membership categories are as follows, and the requirements for each membership category, as well as the methods and conditions for using the facilities and making program reservations, etc., are determined separately and shall be followed by members.
(a) GRIT Ambassador (b) GRIT Crew (c) GRIT Light (d) GRIT ONLINE (e) Drop in (f) Personal Session (g) Corporate Member (h) Active Rest

Article 5 Qualifications for Membership
Membership is open to those who meet all of the following criteria
(a) Those who agree with the purpose of Article 2.
(b) Those who agree with all the contents of this constitution.
(c) Those who are 13 years of age or older and comply with the rules and regulations of this association and the facility.
(d) Those who have not been prohibited from exercising by a doctor, etc., and who have no problems using the facilities of the facility.
(e) Those who are not anti-social forces, such as organized crime groups, gangsters, or other similar groups. (e) Those who can guarantee that they will not fall under this category in the future.
(f) Those who are not likely to cause trouble to other members, or those who are judged by the Company not to behave in an undesirable manner as a member.
(k) Members who have not been previously terminated from membership due to violation of the terms and conditions of this facility.
In the case of a minor, the application for membership must be jointly signed by the minor and a person with parental authority over the minor, in which case the person with parental authority shall be jointly and severally liable with the minor for all responsibilities under the Membership Rules and Regulations.

Article 6. Conclusion of Admission Agreement and Procedures
Upon agreeing to the Rules and Regulations, a member may become a member by completing the application procedures specified separately by the Company and paying the admission fee, the first month's and the following month's membership fees. Please note that the Company reserves the right to deny membership registration as a result of a screening process prescribed by the Company.

Article 7 Membership Card
(1) The Company shall issue a membership card (including a web membership card and login information (ID and password) for the membership page; the same applies hereinafter) to a member.
(2) Members must display their membership cards at the front desk when using the facility. The Company may also request the Member to present his/her ID card when using the facility.
(iii) Members may not lend their membership cards to third parties.
(4) If a member loses his/her membership card, the member shall immediately report the loss to the Company and apply for a re-issuance of the card.
(5) The member shall bear the cost of reissuing the membership card and shall pay the separately determined issuance fee.
(6) When a member loses his/her membership, the member must promptly return his/her membership card to the Company or the facility.

Article 8 Membership Fees and Charges
(1) The amount, payment period, payment method, etc. of membership fees and charges shall be determined separately by the Company.