Share Your GRIT.

We want to make the world vivid with the power of sports by giving back to the world the craftsmanship that has evolved the performance of top athletes and by building a wellness community that "enjoys evolution".


Gym studio to train movements


This studio is where you can experience GRIT Performance Architecture. By "training movements" instead of muscles, we bring back suppleness to modern people who have become accustomed to convenience. Coaches with diverse backgrounds as athletes, trainers, and healers will accompany people at every stage of their evolution.


Nutrition and rest suggestions to support high performance


What to eat, how to rest. Being prepared on a daily basis is another important factor that leads to high performance. We are engaged in research and development of products that enable people to move as they wish.


Consulting and team support based on GPA


One's greatest joys are given by others, and it is also relationships that trouble people the most. GPA is used to foster a community where people recognize each other's value, and enhance each other's skills, much like a sports team.



2F MIYASHITA PARK South, 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

Shuichiro Hayashi, President and Representative Director

Business Description
Training business (gym management, dispatch of trainers, facility supervision, etc.)
Consulting business (health management support, business reform support, etc.)
Product business (supplements, apparel, etc.)


Shoe Hayashi

Chief Exective Officer
Shoe Hayashi

Worked in the apparel business at Mitsubishi Corporation for 12 years. He founded GRIT NATION in 2017 with the goal of giving back to the world the learning that lies deep within the world of sports, and to create a world where everyone can enjoy life to the fullest once and for all.

Daisuke Sato

Chief Perfomance Officer
Daisuke Sato

From speed specialist to performance architect. While on the road as an athlete and coach in track and field, he came to the realization that everything is a series of movements. Since then, he has helped many athletes and teams evolve beyond the boundaries of competition and national borders.

Grit Nation message

Even if the peak to aim for is far away
We'll enjoy even the road ahead

With friends who have crossed the steep walls
With friends who have overcome the obstacles that stand in our way
grows more vivid

Enjoy the present moment to the fullest
To live life to the fullest
To live life to the fullest

To unleash our individual strengths
and enhance each other's charms

We will make such a world a reality from here and now.


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